Jamaica, Day 2: Teaching the Bass

  On day 2, we set out to teach worship leaders and some novice instrumentalists as much as we could about music.  We had a great worship time in the morning (we have some really talented people on this mission team, which makes the worship times that much more fun.)  After that, we divided into classes.  I had three guys in my class that had never played bass guitar before and by the end of the day, they had played a complete worship song with a very basic bass line.  More than that, I believe that they learned enough of the fundamentals that they can now go and build their skill after I am gone and with practice can become really solid bassists.  Christina taught a keyboard class and had a lot of fun as you can see from this picture.

It has been extremely hot of course.  My host family doesn’t seem to have any hot water but it hasn’t been any problem at all to take a cold shower – it feels so good after the long hot day.  Very few (if anyone) in Kingston has air conditioning, but Christina’s family does have wireless internet, so she will survive.

Tomorrow we will lead the church service at Havenhill Baptist and during the afternoon we will finish up our musical training by putting some of our newly trained instrumentalists into their own bands and guiding them through learning a song.  Finally, we will have a large praise and worship time on Sunday night where I might do some preaching!  Pray for me to speak God’s Words and for my Jamaican congregation to be able to understand my North Carolina accent.  Most important, pray for life change as I present the gospel by telling some of my own personal story.

David training worship leaders:


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