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Okay – I’m going to be honest with you. Getting to Thailand was brutal. I left the house at 4:30am on Monday morning, rode 5 hours, took one 14 hour flight, and one 4 and a half hour flight. Upon arriving after midnight Thailand time on Wednesday morning in Bangkok airport, I had been traveling for over 31 hours. I’m not looking forward to the journey home.


As soon as I confirmed that God was sending me to Thailand, I started trying to read as much as I could about the Buddhist faith. (It is unfortunately my nature to believe that gathering as much information as possible is the way to solve any problem.) I started trying to envision what conversations I might have with a Buddhist about Jesus and the Christian faith. I wondered how I might engage them where they are and what aspects of Christianity might resonate best with some of their beliefs. As I did this, God laid three truths on my heart that I wanted to share with you as we continue to pray about his upcoming trip:

Devotional Thoughts Thailand

As I get closer to my trip to Thailand, I wanted to share a few more of the details and also ask you to join me in praying over it in several areas. For security, I want to be cautious in getting into too many specifics, but we will be leaving on the 16th of September and spending most of two weeks there. We will start in Bangkok but we will be flying both north and south inside the country during the trip.



That was my first thought when I first realized that God might be calling me to go to Thailand.  The second thought that followed shortly after, I’m embarrassed to say, was that I would not be able to pick Thailand off a map.  But I know where Thailand is now, which is good, because I am headed there with my Senior Pastor for two weeks in September.  But I should back up and explain how this all happened.

God Moments Thailand

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