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My Story is HIS Story

Two weeks ago tonight, I had the distinct privilege of delivering the message for the Sunday night service at Havenhill

August 9, 2015
(Saturday) Emancipation Day

We have been in Jamaica over a week now and all of the things that seemed so strange at the

August 2, 2015
(Friday) Worship Service Competition

 Back at the camp this morning for one last time.  Today was the presentation of the worship services the two

August 1, 2015
(Thursday) Wrapping Up VBS

 Posted this blog a little late because yesterday was such a busy day, although as you can see, breakfast in

July 31, 2015
(Wednesday) Hat Day

 This morning, we left bright and early for Fairview Camp (which didn’t have power) where we divided the campers into

July 29, 2015
(Tuesday) The Lord Provides…Again

   Found an old friend when I got to the camp today: the bass guitar I brought down last year and

July 29, 2015
(Monday) Challenging Day

  The first part of the day was a trip from Kingston to Ocho Rios where we took a couple of

July 28, 2015
In God’s Strength

  Sunday was a full day of ministry in Kingston.  Our team played for worship and Pastor David preached the message

July 27, 2015
Off To Jamaica!

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Jamaica on mission for a second straight

July 23, 2015
Last Minute Jamaica Preparations

Well – Friday is the big day!  We will be leaving the church at 4:00 AM (yikes) Friday morning to

July 20, 2015
Updates on Album and Jamaica

It has been a busy month of June for me and July is going to be even busier, but in

July 1, 2015
Jamaica 2015 Update

This summer’s mission trip to Jamaica is less than 2 months away and is shaping up nicely! Financial support is

June 3, 2015
The Lord’s Provision

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the preparations for my upcoming Jamaica mission trip and let you

May 21, 2015
Please Support My Jamaica Mission Ministry

As I posted last week, I’m excited to be going back to Jamaica for a second mission trip this summer.

April 15, 2015
Going Back to Jamaica on Mission!

I am so pleased to share that I have another opportunity to go on a mission trip to Jamaica this

April 10, 2015
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