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Tired of Trying

Frustration. Fatigue. Burnout. Good-meaning Christians can fall into this trap if they aren’t careful. In the secular world, we call

March 23, 2015
Other Plans

I’m highly resistant to change. I think the main reason I hate change so much is that I’m such a

February 25, 2015
Cover Me

As I write this, our area is bracing for its first real winter storm of 2015. Forecasters are calling for

February 16, 2015
“Unafraid” Video

Since I recently released “Fear Not” on iTunes, I decided to create some simple videos to go along with the

February 8, 2015
“Fear Not” Album Now on iTunes, Amazon

I’m very pleased to announce that Francisco Road’s second album, “Fear Not,” which was originally released for digital download on

February 2, 2015
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