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The Story Behind “Still I Will Praise You”

No matter how blessed we are, there are going to be days that are crappy. That’s just part of life. My song, “Still I Will Praise Him,” is a song about choosing to praise God in the midst of the crappy days. Am I going to stay in the valley of sorrow or am I going to praise God even in that low place? I have the choice whether to despair or praise.

April 22, 2016
The Story Behind “Worthy”

When I was in the process of writing songs for my “Champion of My Life” album, I decided to study some of the songs in the Bible. This is the story behind the song, “Worthy.”

April 8, 2016
“Champion of My Life” Now Available

I am so pleased to announce that “Champion of My Life,” my latest EP is now available for purchase! ┬áThe

July 10, 2015
Updates on Album and Jamaica

It has been a busy month of June for me and July is going to be even busier, but in

July 1, 2015
“Champion of My Life” Coming on July 10th!

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce that my latest EP is set to be released to the public on

June 19, 2015
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