About Me

I was fortunate enough to be born into a Christian family who seemed to be at the church “everytime the doors opened” as they say. From a young age, I felt drawn to the things of God and I made the decision to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of 13 after attending a church class to learn about what it means to be a Christian and about the history of the church. So my “conversion” story is fairly bland compared to many I’ve had the pleasure of hearing over the years, but thankfully no less important or valuable in the eyes of God.

Although my conversion story might not be as dramatic as some, I have faced numerous times in my life where circumstances required me to stop and think, “Do I really believe this?” and “Am I serious about following Christ?” Each time I have answered those questions with a resounding “yes,” my faith has grown and my relationship with Christ has become stronger, deeper, and more satisfying. For those that wonder if this Jesus stuff is real, I can tell you positively that it certainly is.

I’ve also been involved with music all of my life – again because of my family. My involvement has (and still does) mostly involved singing, whether that was in church or in school. Several years ago, I wanted to be a part of starting a contemporary-style worship service at the church I attended and when we started getting a band together we couldn’t find a bass guitar player. I gave it a shot and actually enjoyed playing bass and I’ve been playing ever since. Along with taking piano lessons as a kid and fooling around with the guitar from time to time, I know just enough to get by on those.

It’s just been in the last four or five years, though, that I’ve started writing my own songs. I’m no Chris Tomlin, but I try to write songs that communicate the things that God is teaching me and the areas where I might be struggling. My songs probably come off as very simple – I don’t see the point of writing vague esoteric lyrics when I’m trying to share with others a clear message (of course, it might also be that I’m not smart enough to write better lyrics!) I write Christian lyrics because contemporary Christian music has been so important to me over the years. I choose to listen to songs that have a positive uplifting message. Let’s face it – there is enough negativity for three planets just on talk radio stations and news networks these days.

The first batch of songs I wrote were done for and with the help of the band I was playing in named Francisco Road. (FranciscoRoad.com) Francisco Road isn’t playing anymore (at least currently) so now I write and record my own songs. I decided to create this page as a way of putting all of my music in one place instead of filling up everyone’s Facebook newsfeed and screaming, “Look at me!”

Anyway – that’s enough about me. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the music!

(c) 2016 BrianBeasleyMusic