Using Your Gifts

As I was preparing for the trip to Thailand, I wondered if I was really the person that God wanted to send on this trip. That might still be up for debate, but I prayed that God might allow me to use my musical gifts to glorify Him somehow as we travelled the country. When I went to Jamaica on mission twice a few years ago, I always knew I was going to teach and play music and I had my bass guitar with me. Here most people would not speak my language and I would not be bringing an instrument.

Our first evening in Bangkok, we visited a university where an American missionary was teaching English. We were going to help her put on an after-school pizza party for some of her students. She told us that she needed someone to start the party by leading a couple of songs and I knew that God had answered that particular prayer. I quickly volunteered and really enjoyed teaching two fun little songs to the students. I have shared a video clip of this on my Facebook page.

We also had a time during the party where we had several stations that groups of students would rotate through. One of the stations was a presentation of the gospel using the “Creation to Christ” tool. Pastor Robert and I led a station that taught the English words for several common occupations.

I noticed that “lawyer” and “pastor” were not on the list of occupation names that we were using so I asked the students if they knew what a lawyer was. Most understood that one, but I found it interesting that very few had any concept of what a pastor was. Robert would then ask them if they knew what a “church” was. Maybe one or two out of the whole group of students was familiar with that term. We would explain that a church is where those that are followers of Jesus gather and worship and that a pastor led those followers.

It shows the need for evangelism here that not only is the gospel of Jesus not well known, many do not even have any sense of Christianity or what it is all about. Pray for teacher Ann as she continues to minister to these students and share with them the love of Jesus.

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