The Best Moment of Music Camp

The smart aleck in me wants to start this post by saying that the best moment of music camp was….the end! But that’s not true. We had a great time at music camp this year. I may write a more detailed post on the camp a little later and I’m hoping to post a video that shows a lot of pictures that were taken during the week, but I did want to share the best moment of this year’s camp.

Every year we pray in the weeks leading up to camp and ask God to provide all of the instruments we will need. We don’t require students to have their own guitars, keyboards, or drum kits, although we encourage those that do have them to bring them. The instructors bring whatever instruments they have and we let the kids use them during the camp. We also get a donation from time to time of an instrument for camp.

This year, God once again provided what we needed so that every student had an instrument to practice and learn on during the camp. But at the end of camp, we asked and 13 of our campers reported that they did not have an instrument of their own to practice with at home. We committed to pray with them that God would provide that instrument somehow.

At our closing concert of the camp, we were able to see the answer one of those prayers. An acoustic guitar had been donated to the camp and we gave it to one of the students that had been working really hard all week. This video shows his surprise and appreciation when he was presented with the guitar. I love how excited the other students are for him.

At the end of the video, our worship pastor asks the audience, “Now who does God want to use you to bless in that way?” And so I ask that if you have any guitars (acoustic, electric, or bass), keyboards, or drums that are just collecting dust in your house, would you consider donating them to these students? If you will contact me (through this site or by replying to this post), we will find a way to get them into the hands of the students who will use them. It would definitely be an answer to prayer!

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