Starting Point: Building Your Band Camp returns!

By the time this post gets sent to the email boxes of my subscribers, we will be starting up our second annual Starting Point music camp at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church. For those that have not heard about this event, it is a four day camp for middle school aged students to learn about Jesus, worship, music, and a particular instrument. Kids can come to camp with absolutely no experience on an instrument and by the end of the camp will be playing in a band and will even participate in a competition to see which band does the best job. We have classes for guitar (acoustic and electric), drums, keyboards, bass guitar, and vocals.

This is our second camp at Pleasant Garden although I helped with similar camps on mission trips to Jamaica in 2014 and 2015. This is the first camp where we are attempting to have not only a beginner’s track, but also an intermediate track for those that have some experience or came to the camp last year. I will be teaching both beginning and intermediate bass guitar and also helping to teach some of the group sessions during the week. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us this week!

Can I ask you to pray for this camp starting today and going through Friday night? Pray for the leaders as well as the students. There will be opportunities for students to make decisions for Christ during the camp, and we would also just have you pray for a safe time and for stamina and endurance. On Friday night there is a closing concert where all of the bands will play as well as a cookout. This will probably be the first exposure that some folks have had to a contemporary worship setting and we pray that they will be drawn to experience Christ in a new way. Thank you for your support!

For the technologically savvy among you, you can follow us on Twitter at @startingptbyb or look for hashtag #pgbyb17. I will post some photos and might do some video stuff on the Brian Beasley Music facebook page, so if you haven’t found me there, you can go to and click “like.” Thanks!

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