What’s My Purpose?

My son, Jacob, has recently got into the habit of asking me how old I am. When I reply that I am 44 and will be 45 soon, he reacts as though I’ve just answered that I am 150 years old. “Wow! You are so ooollllddd!” he shouts. This is not the most motivational way to begin your day.

I guess that I am what many people would consider “middle-aged.” For a lot of people, this brings about a “mid-life crisis,” where they question whether they are accomplishing the things in life that they want to accomplish. Some might decide they aren’t having enough fun in life, so they go by a fancy new sports car. Others decide that they want to pursue a dream of theirs, so they quit their job and start down a new path. Thankfully, I am very happy with my life, but I think everybody wonders from time to time whether they are doing what they were meant to in life.

We had a guest preacher at church a couple of weeks ago. He had left a good and well-paying ministry in Florida and moved to a very poor section of Kentucky to follow God’s call. He told amazing stories about how God provided everything that he needed in this new position, sometimes in amazing ways. My men’s group started talking about this sermon and asked the question: “Are we missing out on these amazing God moments because we aren’t doing what God is calling us to do?”

Sometime that week, I ran across Psalm 57 in my Bible study time. Verse two in particular jumped out at me: “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” The notes for this particular Psalm in scripture tell us that it was written by David “when he fled from Saul, in the cave.” David had already been anointed by Samuel and told he would be the next king. But he had to be patient as the current king, Saul, slowly went crazy and tried to kill him. So David is hiding in a cave while a mad king tries to kill him, but he is able to express faith in the fact that God is going to fulfill his purpose in David’s life. That’s pretty cool.

This promise holds true for us. We don’t have to worry about missing out on what God wants us to accomplish because He promises that He will fulfill His purpose in our life. We may not know what that will look like specifically here on Earth, but we know that the day is coming when we will reign with Jesus in heaven. It’s not up to us to do everything exactly right to fulfill God’s purpose – He will fulfill it IN us. How much joy we will get in eternity as we look back and see how God fulfilled His purpose through each of our lives!

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