Where’s My Focus?

The other day I was driving to work and listening to an audiobook by Francis Chan. While I’m listening to the book, I’m thinking about a bunch of stuff I’ve got to do or choices I need to make and just mulling over a lot of issues that are going on recently. I’m a little stressed, frankly, and worried about whether I’m doing enough or making good decisions or measuring up as a father and a husband and a man. Then I’m drawn to listen more closely as Francis Chan talks about that moment when we are going to see God for the first time. I don’t have the exact words he said in the book, but here’s a section of another item he wrote which is very similar:

[We] don’t believe that He is holy. We sing it-holy, holy, holy…He’s different from me. We focus about things like health insurance, jobs, money. But when you see Him you will realize that you should have been concerned about one thing: His holiness! Isaiah when he saw God, I’m dead, I’m so sinful. The prophet living a pure life, but the moment you face God you are confronted with your own sinfulness. We can’t compare ourselves with other people. It’s amazing how many people believe that they are good.

When you see God, Revelation chapter 4, John sees God. Revelation 1 John sees Jesus, hears His voice, the moment He sees Him, he collapses. John was the one who Jesus loved. But John gets a glimpse of the glorified Jesus (his best friend) he falls on his face and faints. Jesus starts speaking to him, and says “Here’s what I want you to write down.”

We often like to dwell on the loving God or the friend we have in Jesus and similar pleasing sentiments, and those facets of God are right and true. But when we lose focus on the holiness of God, we lessen Him in our minds until the noise of the world drowns Him out and becomes equal or more pressing to us than Him. In Luke 23:30 and Revelation 6:16, it says that on the day that Christ comes back, people are going to be so freaked out that they will hide in caves and pray that the mountains fall down on them to hide them from His holiness.

The point is that when we see God for the first time, we are going to realize how insignificant everything else is in comparison. These things that I’m stressed about or tired of dealing with are not even going to be meaningless in the light of who God is. So where is my focus? Is it on the greatness of God or on this trivial temporary existence?

I’m leading worship this week at church and we are doing a new song that speaks to the greatness of God. It’s called “Unstoppable God” and I’ve posted the video below. May I not lose sight of God’s awesomeness.

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