Something God Can’t Do

I hope that title got your attention. Did you know that there is something God can’t do? I’ve been struggling a little bit lately with a lot of issues that are not that big but seem to be piling up all at once. Decisions to be made for the family, people close to me going through sicknesses and other difficulties, my desire to get some projects done that I’m not sure I have the time or skill to accomplish, and other day-to-day concerns that start to weigh you down.

In the midst of this, I have come to realize that one of the biggest strongholds in my life right now is a fear of failure. Failing as a father or husband or worship leader or lawyer or person – whatever. This fear causes me to be passive sometimes when I have a decision to make instead of being able to evaluate and move forward. I spend a lot of time worrying rather than doing. I prayed this week for God to start breaking down that stronghold in my mind.

This morning (Friday as I write this), I was driving to work and listening to some new worship songs. I like to find new songs to use in worship, so I listen to a lot of albums that have just recently come out. One benefit to listening to worship songs you haven’t heard before is that you pay more attention to the lyrics than you do with a song you’ve heard and sung many times. I was listening to a song called “Impossible” by Meredith Andrews when one lyric hit me right upside the head.

It’s impossible for You [God] to fail.

How can we have fear when it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to fail? He can’t do it! Whatever happens, God will not fail because His nature is such that He CANNOT fail. So I praise God for that Word for me today and pass it along in case you need it also. I’ve included a version of Meredith Andrew’s song below – take a listen.

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