Whose Will Be Done?

I had just walked into work one morning this week when my cell phone rang. I looked and saw that it was one of my daughters calling. Now, when one of my children’s names shows up on the caller id screen instead of them sending me a text, I know from experience that it is highly unlikely that I’m going to enjoy the reason for the call. We have been having some battery trouble with this daughter’s car recently so my first guess was that she was calling me stranded somewhere with a car that wouldn’t start.

Instead, I answered to hear my daughter crying on the other end which told me immediately that she was in some sort of accident. Once she calmed down enough for me to understand what she was saying, I learned that the accident was very minor – she had rolled into the rear of a car in front of her at a stoplight. The woman whose car she hit had rather gruffly told her that the police were on the way, which of course scared her even more and she was in a full blown panic by the time she called me.

My mother has conditioned me to always speculate on the reason something like this might have happened. As I was growing up, if we got caught in traffic and were running late, it might be because we would have had an accident up ahead if we hadn’t been delayed. So I thought to myself, “maybe it’s good that she was in this minor accident, because she will be more alert and avoid a much worse accident down the line.” Who knows if that is the reason it happened, but I’m sure there was a reason that God allowed it.

This accident caused me to start to worry about my kids, though. Both my daughters drive and some terrible accident could happen at any time. What if they get distracted by their phone? What if someone else is driving recklessly and hits them? If you start to consider all the possibilities, you can quickly get lost in fear and dread.

My Sunday School class is currently studying the book of James. Last week we considered the first chapter and second verse, “consider it all joy…when you encounter various trials.” Intellectually, I can agree that God is good and when he allows trials to happen in my life, He is doing so for a greater purpose and a good one. But when it comes to putting my full weight on that promise, do I really believe it? If God had told me that morning that He was going to allow my daughter to be in a wreck, would I have been okay with that? I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have been – but I should have faith that something God would allow will always be for our good. Romans 8:28 says He works all things for the good of those who love Him.

Ultimately, it comes down to whose will I really want carried out. It would be my will that nothing bad would ever happen to my kids. It would be my will that I wouldn’t have to go through stressful trials. But I must reach the place where I surrender and truly desire that God’s will be done – even if it is something I would rather not go through. Jesus understood this better than any of us: that’s what He was struggling with in the Garden of Gethsemane when He finally prayed, “Not my will, but Thine be done.”

So whose will do you really want done in your life?

To go with this theme, I heard a new song recently that really resonates with this idea. It’s aptly called “Thy Will Be Done” and it’s by an artist named Hillary Scott (who I did not know until just now is one of the co-lead singers of the country group Lady Antebellum.) Here’s the video for the song:

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