Worth Waiting For (Morning Statement of Faith #4)

0e1407027_waiting-series-graphicThis post is part of a series on the five things I need to remind myself of every morning. Click here to read the rest of the series.

Today I’m looking at the third of my “Morning Statements of Faith,” which reads: God has made no provision for me to live the Christian life in my own power. Instead of doing a lot of work for God, I must die to self and submit to Him in restful availability and prompt response to His every impulse in instant obedience.

Ultimately, this statement came from the themes of a fantastic book I recently read called “The Saving Life of Christ.” I’ve blogged about it several times: here, here, here, and here. Obviously the ideas in this statement are things that I struggle with and God is still working on this area of my life. My natural personality causes me to get fired up with a vision or goal to make something better and start rushing forward to get the tasks done that will get that goal accomplished and either pushing people out of the way or dragging them along against their will ’cause doggone it, we’re gonna get to that promised land and it’s going to be great! And what happens is that we might get the goal accomplished, but we’ve run over a lot of people on the way and a lot of times I find out that the destination is a good one but its not the best one possible. I’ve run off trying to do God’s work, but I’ve left Him in the rear view mirror.

So I’m not good at all with waiting. I have learned through the years that my inability to wait stems from two sinful attitudes. First, I have trouble waiting on God because ultimately I doubt His plan and His perfect timing. I want to take matters into my own hands and accomplish what I think He needs to accomplish instead of waiting for Him to show me His plan in His time. Many scholars believe that this was the attitude of Judas when he betrayed Christ: he was tired of waiting for Christ to establish His kingdom and overthrow the Romans and thought that this might force Him to act. I certainly don’t want to be like Judas.

The second sinful attitude that causes me to hate waiting is the feeling that I need to be working hard at all times to earn God’s love and approval. I’ll write more about this attitude when we look at the next statement of faith.

How is God working on these attitudes in my life right now? One specific area is in the worship ministry at my church. We are entering a season in that ministry where the leaders feel that God wants to implement some things to improve the overall effectiveness of the ministry, but we aren’t sure exactly what that’s going to look like. Now – I’ve got my list (literally) of what I think we need to do and I’m ready to get it done staring RIGHT NOW. The old me would have already starting checking off the boxes on the to-do list. But God wants me to wait. And so that’s what I am trying to do. And while I wait, I am praying daily for God to give the leadership clarity of vision and unity in purpose so that we can act as one and move together in the direction that He leads us in. I would ask for you to also be in prayer for that in the next several weeks and that God would move in a powerful way as we seek to do His will.

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