Starting Pt, Day 3 – Time for Bands!

IMG_1934Today was the day that we finally put the students into bands which was exciting for them. This morning featured a great gospel presentation during our devotion time and I had the great privilege of praying with a young person who was accepting Christ as her Savior! That’s what all of this is about. After one more bass lesson, it was time for my students to be placed in a band. The leaders had met and tried to make the bands as evenly matched as possible based on the aptitude of the musicians.

The first thing for our bands to do was to pick a team name and pick a song to play. We asked all of the bands to prepare the same song for one of their selections and then they could pick any other song they wanted out of the list of songs that we had given them charts to during the week. Then it was time for them to actually try to play a song. We split them up into four different locations and turned them loose.
It was rough at first, but by the time we were ready for afternoon worship, the bands had already gotten much better. They will have another couple of practice sessions tomorrow before our battle of the bands competition starts and then we will have the finale during a closing concert after a cookout tomorrow night. Tomorrow will be a super long day, but this camp has turned out very very well. The kids are super excited and I think they have learned quite a bit about music, worship, and God.

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