Starting Point Music Camp Wrap-up

bandNow that the first ever Starting Point Music Camp is in the rear view mirror, I look back at all the wonderful things God did and I really can’t believe how well everything went. There are lots of things we can do better for next time and we are already collecting ideas for how we might improve the experience. But God was certainly at work! A couple of weeks before the camp, one of our leaders prayed specifically for 50 campers. That was the exact number we had the first day. About the same time, I knew I only had 2 young people signed up to take bass lessons and we needed more. I prayed specifically for 3 more and by the time we left on the first day, 2 students had decided that keyboard was not for them and had switched to my bass class and I had 5 students. It was neat to see these answered prayers although I ended up losing one of my bass students and the camp actually peaked at 53 campers. So much that was outside of our control came together. We had enough instruments for everyone, the weather was great all week, and no one was injured during the camp. On top of all that, there were young people saved and other young people who solidified their decision for Christ. God is good!

The last day featured the actual battle of the bands competition between the four bands that we had put together Friday afternoon. Each band was required to learn and play “Thrive” by Casting Crowns, which was kind of our theme song for the week. Then they could pick any other song off a list of about 50 that we had given them. The bands all performed “Thrive” for round one and after getting feedback and having a chance to practice again, they played both of their songs and also had to introduced them and transition between them. The bands were very evenly matched and so we decided to let them all perform both songs that night for our closing concert.

The cookout and closing concert was very well attended and the students did a great job on their songs. In the end, I almost hated naming a winner and was glad that I was not a judge. We also handed out a prize for best camper in each instrument class and named a winner between the two teams we had all week, the “Savage Patch Kids,” and “Blue’s Clues.” It was a great night and I heard many, many positive comments from students and family. We hope to follow up with the students in the coming months and provide a way for them to continue growing with their music.

The final icing on the cake was inviting many of the campers to play and sing with our worship team in our Sunday morning services. They did wonderfully and it was a great Father’s Day present for their dads and families in the congregation.

Thanks for following these updates and for your prayers over this camp as it went on. They were felt and they were answered!

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