Starting Point, Day Two

IMG_1915Quick post for tonight, because I am wiped out! I’m not sure who is more worn out at this point, the leaders or the students, but we are having so much fun. Most important thing that happened today was that at least one of our campers accepted Christ as her Savior! That’s the whole point here, so even if no one learns anything about an instrument or about music, I’m pleased.

But there is a LOT of learning going on. My bassists have learned three songs in three different keys pretty well and more importantly have learned how to transfer that knowledge to play other songs. We had a “best dressed” sort of contest today between our red and blue teams and one of my bass students made a shirt last night to wear. You can’t tell very good from this picture but the front of the shirt says, “What do girls play?” and the back says “Bass Guitar.” Needless to say, she was my pick for best dressed.
Tomorrow is a big day as we separate our campers into bands and have them start learning songs for a competition on Saturday. They are excited (and a little scared to death.) Looking forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish.

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