Starting Point Day One

IMG_1901Day one of Starting Point Music Camp is in the books! God was good and blessed us with a great day and I have to say that these are the best behaved campers I have ever dealt with. It might have something to do with the fact that the whole week is a competition between two teams and campers can win or lose points based on their behavior, participation, and anything else the leaders see that we want to award points for. But these are good kids and I am so happy to get to work with them for a few more days. They are so hungry to learn about worship and learn how to play these instruments.

We got everyone registered and checked in this morning and ended up with 50 campers (which was the exact number of campers that one of our leaders prayed for when we started planning for this camp.) Our first activity this morning after a morning devotion was for each team to come up with a team name and a song about their name. You will be interested to know that our Red team is now called the “Savage Patch Kids” and our Blue team is called “Blue’s Clues.” Crazy.

After a basic music theory lesson and some lunch, we really dove into the individual instruments this afternoon. I have five bass students (which was the exact number I prayed for last week – God is at work!) They did great and we even were able to play a simple song all the way through by the end of the day today! I can’t wait to see where they are at when the day ends tomorrow.

My favorite part of this afternoon was being able to teach the kids about worship: what it is and why we do it. Lots of talking about our awesome God and how He showed how much He loved us by sending Jesus to pay the price for our sins. I know the young people listened because our afternoon worship session was fantastic – they were singing and engaged in the worship very much.

For those readers who are technologically savvy, I wanted to let you know that you can follow the event’s twitter account at @startingptbyb or look for hashtag #pgbyb16.

Now for a nap….

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