Image-1My latest album, Victorious, hit stores today! (I realize that is an anachronistic expression – but it sounded better than “hit the internet”) I will be featuring the songs of Victorious from time to time over the next month or so, but you can stream them all by hitting the “Albums” tab at the top of the screen. Of course, I hope that you will support me by buying my music at this link.

The songs on this album (other than the two covers, “Redeemed” and “Great Are You, Lord”) were all written by me as part of a songwriting challenge I did in the fall. You can read about that here. The title track, “Victorious,” is a song that centers around the happy truth that Christ was not only victorious over the grave, but that also means that He will ultimately make us victorious over this life! This life can be difficult, with pain and disease and grief, but if we belong to Christ, we can look forward to eternity with Him in a land with no fears or tears. As the saying goes, “I’ve read the end of the Book, and God wins!” I hope you enjoy the album.

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