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doubt_diceAs I write this, the date is April 1st, otherwise known as “April Fool’s Day.”  As you know, April Fool’s Day is known for pranks and trying to cause people to believe something that isn’t true, just so you can laugh and shout, “April Fools!”  I’ve never been a big practical joker, so I don’t really enjoy April Fool’s Day that much.  In fact, when my kids were little, rather than play tricks on them, I would warn them what day it was before dropping them off at school so they wouldn’t be fooled by all of the tricksters.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not calling for banning the day or anything (but don’t get me started on Halloween) and I don’t have some religious objection to playing tricks on each other.  I just hate having to be alert all day against those who will try and fool me.

You know, I don’t think it is the fault of April Fool’s Day, but we live in a time where many people are skeptical by nature. We are not quick to believe things that we cannot see or touch, especially when those things have a supernatural flair to them. The odd thing is what some people choose to believe or disbelieve. People will believe a “psychic medium” or horoscope can predict their future, but they can’t believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. They will believe that aliens came down to earth and built the pyramids or Stonehenge, but won’t believe that God came to earth in human form to save humanity. And sadly, this skepticism even creeps into some churches, who will believe some parts of the Bible but not others.

We’ve just celebrated the resurrection of Christ in our churches, but are you skeptical that Jesus could actually die and then be raised three days later? If so, I want you to know that there is some strong evidence that it happened just as the Bible says. I don’t have the space to go into all of them here, but I would say that the evidence that is most compelling to me is the change in the disciples and others who saw the risen Jesus. The disciples went from fleeing and hiding on crucifixion day to boldly preaching that Christ had risen 40 days later. Even more compelling is that although they were beaten, tortured, and even executed, not one of these disciples ever changed their story and denied the resurrection happened. How would these men give up their lives for something they knew was not true?

So you can be skeptical of what people may tell you on April Fool’s Day, or what politicians might say to get elected, or what the car dealer says about the deal you’re getting, but there is no reason to doubt the historical accuracy of the resurrection. And if the resurrection is true, then what will you do about it? Has your life been changed like the lives of these early disciples? May your life be further proof that Christ is alive.

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He is risen indeed!

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