(Friday) Worship Service Competition

 Back at the camp this morning for one last time.  Today was the presentation of the worship services the two teams of campers put together.  As I think I mentioned before in a post, we had also divided our team up to help the two teams of campers.  What this meant was that it ended up becoming a competition for us as well.  The team that I was a part of was the winner, but both services were very well done.  The other team had a young person who seems to have a gift for preaching evident to everyone who was there, so that was exciting.  Ultimately, I think it came down to the fact that our transitions were a little smoother and our readers did a really great job.  The funny part was the friendly arguing and teasing between the members of my mission team about some perceived rule bending that went on with the use of some leaders and camp counselors in some key roles during our service.

 The rest of the day was mostly a travel day to get back to Kingston – the land of no air conditioning.  (And for me, no wi-fi.)  We stopped by Teen Challenge on the way.  This is a very successful Christian drug addiction rehabilitation house in Ocho Rios.  We sang a few songs with just an acoustic guitar for the guys there and Pastor David spoke a word from Scripture.  After that, we just talked with them a while before hopping back in the bus.

I have to pause here and, at the risk of sounding boastful, just tell you how talented our team of musicians is at making music.  Even just having a single guitar, the worship songs we sang were just so much fun and filled with the Spirit.  I can’t hold a candle musically to this group and am just thankful they let me sing and play with them.

Some of Saturday’s plans fell through at the last minute because Saturday is a holiday in Jamaica – Emancipation Day.  But I am hopeful we will be able to play a concert Saturday night as part of a church youth event.  I just want to make music for the Lord.  We will just have to see what opportunities He presents to us.

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