(Wednesday) Hat Day

 This morning, we left bright and early for Fairview Camp (which didn’t have power) where we divided the campers into two teams for a worship service building competition.  Each team will build a 20-minute worship service that will be presented on Friday morning.  One team has the theme of God’s Forgiveness and the other has God’s love.  Our team is also divided up to help each team by providing ideas, some scripture, and a drama for them to do.  They will all have to participate and the competition aspect of it gets them really motivated.  The underlying focus of this exercise is to encourage them to find their fit where they can serve in their churches.

  On the way back to the place we are staying, we stopped and had some of the best jerk pork and chicken on the planet and then went to one of Montego Bay’s straw markets.  This is a place where over 100 booths are set up and the vendors aggressively try to get you to buy their merchandise.  I don’t really enjoy the shopping process at these places (I don’t enjoy shopping anyway), but I did happen upon a great hat which happened to be Carolina Blue, so I was happy with my purchase.VBS night three went pretty well.  We had about 80 kids and I was told that most of them are unchurched.  They have been very attentive to the Bible Study part of the night, so we are thankful for the seeds being planted.

Carol working with the campers on their worship service

And one more shot of my hat…

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