(Tuesday) The Lord Provides…Again

   Found an old friend when I got to the camp today: the bass guitar I brought down last year and gave to my best student.  This was the first bass guitar I ever owned and the one I learned to play with.  My student from last year was there at camp as a camp leader and let me play it for our morning worship set.  It was really a great answer to prayer for it to show up when I needed it.

   We had a good time at camp this morning singing and playing, then we heard the gospel preached by one of the local pastors.  After that, Pastor David got up and laid out our plan for this week: the campers will be divided into two teams and each will compete to put together the best worship service.  One of the teams will have the theme of “God’s Love” and the other will have the theme of “God’s Forgiveness.”  Every member of each team must participate in that team’s service.  The overall theme of the camp is “God’s Purpose; My Focus” and the goal of this activity is to start to show these middle school aged students that they can find a place to serve in their churches.  Each of our team members and some of the Jamaicans gave a brief overview of how we had first gotten involved in serving in the church.

Night  two of Bible School was a lot less hectic and went pretty well.  Had about the same number of kids and I’m not sure what game Christina decided to play with the small children under her supervision but it didn’t look quite appropriate.

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