(Thursday) Wrapping Up VBS

 Posted this blog a little late because yesterday was such a busy day, although as you can see, breakfast in Jamaica is a good way to get started.  Today started with a trip up to the camp for a worship set, devotion, and then about a hour to spend with our teams on the worship service they are creating.  As I write this on Friday morning, we are preparing to travel back to see the finished products.  One of the main parts of both services will be “The Box Skit” which I hope to stream live today.  It is a powerful drama that illustrates the gospel story.  Here’s a picture of the campers practicing the skit.

Speaking of the Box Skit, we also used it during our closing ceremonies at the VBS we are putting on.  We had several decisions for Christ at the end of last night’s session which is wonderful.  I was in charge of games (or “sports” as the Jamaicans are used to calling them) and last night I helped Christina with the younger kids.  There was one child who was having trouble keeping his hands to himself, so I spent about 20 minutes giving him a piggyback ride while singing “Every Praise” to keep him occupied.  You never know how you are going to serve on one of these trips!

Today after camp we plan to visit Teen Challenge, a rehab facility that our church has a strong ministry connection with – PG sends mission teams each year to Teen Challenge to do a variety of things.  Then it is back to Kingston, where it seems God has closed some ministry doors that we were planning.  We are waiting to see what opportunities will present themselves there.  But we are in the homestretch of what has already been a great trip.

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