(Monday) Challenging Day

  The first part of the day was a trip from Kingston to Ocho Rios where we took a couple of hours to climb the Dunn River Falls.  The water was cold, which was really refreshing.

We got settled in to our new accommodations in Montego Bay.  This is the place that I stayed during last year’s trip.  It’s nice to have the team staying in one place instead of spread out among our host homes.  I’m sitting on a veranda right now as I type this with Christina and Payden, two other members of the team.  We had a challenging night tonight due to a number of things.  This was our first night of a VBS and there are always some kinks to work out on the first night.  The good news was that we had 56 kids, which far surpassed our expectations.  And when the Word goes out, it will not return void.

  The bad news was that our sound system for the band had a lot of glitches tonight and the worse news is that my bass guitar stopped working and it appears to be dead.  We are trying to find a replacement for the week or get it repaired, but I am not happy about it at all, obviously.  It takes away one of the best parts of the trip for me, but hopefully it will be a short term problem.  Please pray that the situation will get resolved quickly.

Tomorrow we head up to Fairview camp where we are going to teach about building a worship service and allow them to participate in creating one.  There are usually unsaved kids in this camp, so please pray for their hearts to be open as we share.

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