Going Back to Jamaica on Mission!

map-jamaicaI am so pleased to share that I have another opportunity to go on a mission trip to Jamaica this summer!  As most of you know, last year I traveled to Montego Bay along with a team from my church and our Music Minister David Loftis (Teach412 Ministries) to hold a music camp for young people interested in leading worship at local churches.  You can read my posts from that trip by clicking here.  We had a wonderful time teaching some great teenagers how to play various instruments and sing.  At the same time, we grew together in the Word.  Our time there was culminated with an evangelistic concert which resulted in several people trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation.  Click here to see a video about this important ministry. Our trip is currently scheduled for July 25th through August 3rd, 2015.

This year, God is sending me to Kingston on the other side of the island.  I am told this is a much more urban setting and less “touristy” than the Montego Bay area which presents a whole new set of challenges and opportunities.  Our music camp will be structured differently this time, and we will have extra time for evangelism and service work during the trip.  The best part about this year’s trip is that my daughter, Christina, is going with me (provided we can raise the necessary support.)  I am looking forward to spending this time with her before she goes off to attend college in the fall.

Speaking of support, I humbly ask that you pray again this year and see if God is leading you to be a part of this ministry through prayer or financial support.  Right now, we are estimating that the trip will cost roughly $1100 per person and Christina and I will both need to raise as much of that as we can – especially since college bills are right around the corner.  I will be sending out letters to those I have an address for asking for your assistance.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THIS MINISTRY, you can click on the paypal button below or on the right hand side of this site. However, if you want your gift to be tax-deductible please click here to email me so that I can send you information on where to send your check and how to make it out.  You will also want to sign up for e-mail updates on this site so that you can receive all the news and updates about the trip.

Use Paypal by clicking this button (you’ll see my wife’s name since this is her paypal account, but she promised to give me the money.) 🙂

Gifts submitted this way will not be tax-deductible.  Thank you so much for your support!

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