“Forever” as Performed Easter Sunday at PGBC

I wanted to share with you a video of part of our Easter morning worship set at Pleasant Garden Baptist.  The song we are doing is “Forever,” as performed by Kari Jobe.  In the middle of the song, one of our pastoral staff comes out and reads a poem entitled “The Word” written by Isaac Wimberley which is really powerful.  This was not our original idea, Kari Jobe had Isaac Wimberley do this in a live performance which you can find on YouTube.  But it was something unusual for our worship service which really caused it to stand out as a highlight.  I am playing bass guitar and singing some background vocals.  One tangential remark: I rarely wear a suit to play in the praise band.  Since I wear a suit every day at work, I enjoy not having to get quite so dressed up for church, but I was leading a couple of the other songs in the set and knew I would be up front next to Pastor David (playing the acoustic guitar) and he would be wearing a coat and tie.  I joked that we should have done a Blues Brother thing and wore shades because that’s how I feel when I am playing bass in a suit.  But I hope you enjoy the video.  This is recorded through our new digital soundboard, which we have had for a couple of months and are still getting used to.

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