Other Plans

I’m highly resistant to change. I think the main reason I hate change so much is that I’m such a big planner. I like to have very detailed plans about most everything. Daily, short-term, and long-term I have a pretty good idea of what I want to see happen and my vision doesn’t change unless and until it has to.

God is not a big fan of my vision and my plans. Or at least He must not be because He is constantly changing them! God is unique in that He certainly has a long range plan that is fixed – a plan for eternity future set in place in eternity past. But God is all about new things at the same time. His creation is constantly changing with the seasons and renewing itself. His mercies are new every morning, Scripture says. He wants us to sing Him a new song.

So while I might wish it were otherwise, plans change. People come into our lives and leave again. Or we leave, drawn away by some change of plans. This song, “Other Plans,” is a song I wrote to capture the truth that even though we sometimes must leave those we love, we have the certainty that we will see them again – if not here on earth, than in heaven forever.

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