“Fear Not” Album Now on iTunes, Amazon

fear not lighthouseI’m very pleased to announce that Francisco Road’s second album, “Fear Not,” which was originally released for digital download on January 23, 2014, is now available for purchase on iTunes and in the Amazon music store.

This album features several songs written by me and performed by the group I used to lead worship with.  Although I initially made these songs available for free, I recently decided to sale them on the major digital music distributors in the hopes of reaching a wider audience.  If you are a regular iTunes (or Amazon) user and that’s how you usually buy your music, having these songs on those platforms will make it easier for you.  The album should also be appearing on Spotify and Pandora soon.

Although these songs are up for sale now, I want you to know that all proceeds from any sales are going to be used to support my mission trips to Jamaica to teach and strengthen worship leaders and musicians in churches there.  (Read more about my latest trip here.)  Please consider giving a positive rating/review of the album and songs on iTunes and the other sites to help me get the word out.

Here are the links you need to find the music!

You can also click on the “The MUSIC!” tab at the top of the screen.  Thanks for your support!

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