Producing (Songwriting, Part 5)

You really should consider the “producing” process not as a separate step in the songwriting journey, but as an ongoing part of it.  A music producer (or record producer – remember records?) is involved from the time the song is written until the final recording is complete.  What does a producer do?

A producer determines how the song is arranged (things like whether we should repeat the chorus here, or insert an instrumental break here, etc.), what instruments are used and when they play or don’t play, how the instruments are played, how the vocal is performed, and much more.  Generally with my music, I fill the role as the producer along with songwriter, musician, and mixing engineer (more on this one in my next post.)

For the EP that I’m currently working on and plan to release early next year, I’m excited to have another person help me fill that producer’s role.  Peter Bunalow, from Building Your Band, has graciously agreed to listen to my songs and give me a fresh look and some ideas on how to make them better.  Peter and I met in Jamaica this past summer and he has a fantastic ear for music and production.  He is also a very talented keyboardist and a great guy.  Go check out his website!

This post is part of a series on the songwriting process. Click here to read the rest of the series.

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