What an Awesome God


I had the privilege of helping to lead worship at two Jamaican churches this morning. One of the churches met in the courtyard where we are staying here in Montego Bay. It was a laid-back, more contemporary type of church called “The Uprising.” The second one was a much more traditional church named “Faith Baptist Church” where a sweet older lady led some hymns by just starting them acapella and the congregation would join in singing. I almost laughed out loud when the first song she started singing was “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord,” a tune that seemed much more modern than the church itself.

Our team has started calling ourselves “The Random Goats.” When we are driving around Mo-bay, there are often goats wandering right along the side of the road eating the grass. There is no one else around, and you will just see one, two or three goats just out of the blue. Someone said “random goats,” someone else said, “Hey – that’s a great name for a band,” and the name stuck. One of the most surreal experiences in my life was this morning when this sweet old lady stood in front of the church and read (in a Jamaican accent, of course) from the piece of paper in front of her, “We would like to welcome Pastor Loftis and (pause) the random goats?”

The name fits because our team comes from so many different places: Pleasant Garden, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. It also fits because we seem to do a lot of wandering around until David brings us back together.

The highlight of the day, though, was in the first service. After our team had done several songs, they started to play a video of the song “Oceans” by Hillsong United. As I sat watching the video, it occurred to me, “why am I watching a video when I am so close to the real thing?” So I slipped out of the service and walked over to the Caribbean Ocean which is right across the street. The picture you see above is what I was looking at while listening to the song. What a great worship time it was as I was overwhelmed by what a great God we serve, who has brought me over an ocean to minister to His people.

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