Sing Di Book

One of the things our team did before coming down to Jamaica was prepare a notebook to hold chord charts for a little over 100 songs that we could leave with the campers for their churches. As part of our teaching, we have given them the chord charts for a different key each day, so day one was the Key of C and day two was the key of G, etc. We teach based on the key (for example, day one is Key of C so the guitars learn the C, F, and G chords as well as some others in that key.)

But one of the best parts of camp happens at the very end of the day at around 9:30 pm local time. It’s called Sing Di Book and the band gets up and we just sing through snippets of all the songs we have given them in that key. Basically, it’s just the musicians and vocalists improvising their parts without practicing beforehand and it is very informal. It is really fun to sing through all of these songs quickly (since we are only singing a portion of them) making up vocal parts and just having a good time. Tonight was the key of D and we sang through 29 different songs in about 10 minutes. What a blast!

In other news, we had another good camp day. The only negative was the fact that we didn’t have our usual afternoon storm to cool things off. The heat index was above 100 most of the day and that has a tendency to wear the Americans down. When a storm blows through the temperature will drop about 15 degrees. But God has blessed us with good health and strength on the trip thus far.

The two teams of students had a competition they have been working on the last couple of days along with everything else. They were given a theme and had to write and act out a musical skit tonight. The two themes were God’s forgiveness and God’s love. Both of the sketches were outstanding. They had some scenery, lighting decisions (including using the flashlight app as a spotlight,) background music, and the acting and singing was superb. It was on the same level as some of the plays that my kids have been in that had much more time to practice. I was blown away by their talent and ability.

Tomorrow (Friday) we will be setting up in the afternoon to perform outside at a local church for an outreach event. The students will be singing some songs and performing some of their musical skits and the American band will play several songs. We also have several powerful videos to share. Will you please pray for good weather for this event, God’s blessing on our preparations and performances, and that many will hear the Word and respond affirmatively to God’s call? Thanks for your continued prayer support!

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