Jamaica Music Camp Day 1

Well, the highlight of the day was without a doubt the news that my wife is cancer free! The pathology reports came back good and there is only a small chance this tumor will ever return. Even if it were to return, it would only be the non-aggressive borderline type. This is a huge answer to a lot of prayers!

We spent Monday morning making last minute preparations for the main thrust of this trip, the music camp. On the way to the camp, which is being held at a Bible College about 45 minutes from where we are staying, we stopped by a Montego Bay marketplace. One of those places where lots of vendors hawk their wares very aggressively. Some people like that sort of thing, but I’m not one of them. Nevertheless, I was able to pick up a few souvenir trinkets for the kids.

Then it was off to set up at the camp and get ready for the students. The camp is up on a mountain and in just a beautiful setting. It was raining, though, and we were very busy, so I will have to get pictures tomorrow. We ended up having a good group of young people, which was great. One of the first things we did was divide the students into two teams, tell them to pick a captain and a name and come up with a song to introduce their name to the rest. I was blown away with the presentations both teams came up with in a short period of time. Great songs, dancing, use of instruments, a rap – they really did a great job. Their two names were The Golden Notes and The Rockers.

The Random Goats played a worship set and did several of the songs that we had done already this weekend. I am blessed to be playing with some outstanding musicians. We only just met each other and have played these songs a couple of times and our worship time sounded great tonight. The Jamaican students really get into the worship times as well, which really makes it a wonderful experience.

I’m really looking forward to what God has in store these next few days. Please continue to pray for the team’s health and safety, and our strength during what will be busy, busy days. Thank you for your prayers thus far.

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