Amazed at Where God Takes You

Friday night we held an outdoor concert at a church in a remote part of Jamaica. We showed up around 6:00 pm, set up our sound system in the front of the church, and started playing music so that the local community could hear that something was going on. The church let us use a horn that was installed on the roof and we were able to pipe our sound through that as well. We had a team of students and local preachers that walked out and through the various roads to invite households to come out and hear us. We carried pews from the church outside so the people could sit down and at about 7, we started our concert.

I was just amazed as I stood there in front of a three or four room Jamaican church well outside of civilization and looked around. What in the world was I doing there? The wonder of a God who would take me and put me in that place – it was just crazy! I don’t know that I will ever forget that feeling of wonder and awe towards an amazing God who uses my life in ways that I can’t even imagine.

I was skeptical about how many people would come to something like this. And there weren’t many people to start with, but as the concert started, I watched as they started coming out of the nearby hills and down the nearby roads. It was really something as a crowd descended from the area to our performance and by the end, I would estimate between 50-75 people were there, including the people from our music camp.

The concert started with what’s called “Lively Choruses” by the Jamaican people. Basically they get up and do about four to six short songs without stopping, and of course, they are lively songs. It is really something to see them sing the songs of their culture – think lots of percussion and tambourines and just a party atmosphere and you’ll have a sense of it. After that, our American group performed songs along with some pretty powerful videos which we showed on a sheet hanging over a nearby fence. The night also included a testimony from one of our male campers and a musical drama that one of the teams had put together.

David preached a short message and gave an invitation. During the song after the invitation, a couple of other preachers started praising God and inviting those there to give their life to Christ. This kept going through about three other songs as some people started to respond. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was told this morning that 4 men and 1 woman were saved at the concert and I would imagine other seeds were planted, especially as the Word and invitation went out to all the surrounding area over the church’s loudspeaker.

What a wonderful night and one I will never forget. If you make yourself available to God with a willing spirit, He will take you to places you never dreamed of. I am proof of that.

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