Other Plans

roadlogoBack in 2009, my family decided that God was calling us to leave the only church I had ever known. Various things and circumstances had led us to that place, and after 37 years we set out to look for a new church home. The church we were leaving was full of sweet people and remains very dear to our hearts. It was a small family church and no one took the decision harder than my dear mother.

I didn’t write “Other Plans” then, but actually wrote it several years later as I looked back on that pivotal moment in my family’s life. My family had found a new church by then, which we love, and we could now see confirmation that God’s hand was at work in bringing us to a new place. But we will forever be thankful for the blessing of our home church and the foundation it laid in our lives as Christ-followers.

There’s one (at least one) odd lyric in the song, though. What does it mean to travel down this long Francisco Road? Well, if I’m honest, part of the reason I included our band name in the lyric is that we had a discussion at band practice one night about how cool it was that the Christian group, NEEDTOBREATHE, had thrown their band’s name into a lyric in their song, “Something Beautiful.” We decided we should try to do the same thing and so this was an answer to that challenge.

There’s more to it, though. Our band’s name had a meaning that fit with this song. All of the members of Francisco Road were related and our ancestors had moved to Greensboro, N.C. from a small, small town called “Francisco” long before we were born. The idea of the “road from Francisco” then, was the idea that our lives all point back to where we came from and at the same time point forward toward an unknown destination, just like a road. And so all of that is summed up in the lyric that we are all traveling down a long “Francisco Road.”

By the way, since I mentioned my mother earlier, would you like to guess what her favorite song on the album is? “Other Plans.”

Verse one:
I guess part of me didn’t think this day would get here
Told myself that things could stay like this forever
But I feel like I just read the final words of some great novel
It’s time to lay it down
And grab another from the table

Even though it’s tough to leave,
God’s got other plans for me
I know it’s hard for us to see
But it’s time to go
Please know when I am gone
That I’ll keep you in my heart
I wish we didn’t have to part
But God’s got other plans for me

Verse two:
The future may bring dark and stormy weather
But I’m so thankful for the time we’ve shared together
While I travel down this long Francisco Road I’ll be okay
‘Cause I’ll take along those memories
And they’ll be lighting up my way

Repeat Chorus

I can’t wait to see
Where God will guide the way
The loving roots that I have left here
Might bring me back someday
But if our lives on Earth we find
By God’s design don’t coincide
I know we’ll be together on the other side

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