Jamaica Mission Update

In six weeks, I will be on my way to Jamaica on a mission trip! Plans are being finalized and financial support is coming in as well. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this mission – God is providing for His work to be accomplished!

When we first arrive in Jamaica, we will be assisting with and performing for a worship conference. Then on Monday, we start our music camp which runs all week. In addition to helping to lead worship and devotions daily, I will be teaching several Jamaicans from surrounding churches the basics of how to play the bass guitar so that they can then return to their churches and help lead worship there. Other members of my team will be teaching other instruments or vocalists. This will be a lot of work, but I am so excited about the opportunity to help these churches build up their worship ministries since that is such a big part of my Christian life.

Can I ask you to join with me in a few things?

  1. Please continue to pray for the completion of plans and the bringing together of the team as we near the date.
  2. If you haven’t given yet and feel led to do so, please do! You can either give through BrianBeasleyMusic.com by looking for the donate button near the top on the right-hand side, or if you would like your gift to be tax deductible, send your check to Pleasant Garden Baptist Church, ATTN: Jennifer Shelton, 1415 Neelley Road, P.O. Box 157, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313, make it out to “Pleasant Garden Baptist Church” and put “Jamaica Music Mission” on the memo line. You can include a separate note in the envelope with my name so I am credited with the gift. Thank you!
    Any money raised over and above the cost of the trip will go towards instruments that will be donated to these churches. I am bringing the first bass guitar I ever got and will be leaving it in Jamaica when I return, but we also plan to purchase some used instruments in Jamaica to donate as well. This is such a need for many of these churches who don’t have the means to buy any instruments. Many of these churches sing songs without any instruments at all.
  3. One more thing – and this should be fun! One of my responsibilities is to choose worship songs that we will teach the campers. We have a basic list, but I’m especially looking for fairly recent contemporary songs that are not overly complicated. Do you have some favorite ones you want to suggest? Leave a comment on this post and let me know! Even if we don’t use them for the campers, we might include them in one of the sets we do as we lead worship.
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